II International Conference With All and for the Good of All


The José Martí Project of International Solidarity, which hereby convokes to the Second International Conference With All and for the Good of All, to be held in the Palace of Conventions of Havana, Cuba, from the 25th to the 28th of January, 2016.

The Conference will broach the problems generated by the globalizing project of modernization in decay, and the options to transform and improve the world in fields such as the following:

The cultural and moral dimension in fields like

  • The risks and hopes offered by the technological and scientific development, particularly the new information technologies
  • Access to education and culture for the exercise of basic human rights in the circumstances of the 21st century
  • Migrations and the cultural dialogue as themes that require being handled deeply and not superficially.
  • The ethical framework of reference for the social action in the face of the crisis, based on the best contributions of Latin American thought, from Simón Bolívar and José Martí to the most relevant thinkers of the 20th century and of our days.

The social dimension in fields like:

  • The impairment of the living conditions of both rural and urban workers in all regions of the planet
  • The role and challenges of the new social movements that emerge from the crisis
  • The struggle against all forms of discrimination – of gender, race, creed, age and social condition – that legitimize the inequality and criminalize the struggle in favor of social justice
  • The role of feminine organizations in social transformation. The right of women in society.
  • The unionist movement and its role in the struggles for a better world under the new conditions created by the global economic crisis
  • The role of youth, the students and their organizations; their insertion in the processes of change
  • The religious organizations, ecumenism, its contribution to peace and the earthly world longed for by human beings of good will
  • The native populations and the ethnical minorities: the need of policies of inclusion and respect in the face of exclusion and marginalization.
  • Drug consumption and drug traffic: causes, consequences and opposition to that widespread scourge.

The environmental dimension in fields like:

  • The generalization of the environmental conflicts derived from the transformation of the natural patrimony into natural capital through the appropriation of the essential resources for life in the poorest urban and rural sectors
  • The unceasing destruction of ecosystems that are vital for the existence of our species
  • The need to create a different atmosphere through the construction of different societies

The political dimension in fields like:

  • The fostering of participative democracy as means for the construction of new societies, with all and for the good of all
  • The struggle for the right to organization, mass communication and the free expression of targets and proposals by the majority sectors of our societies
  • The need to oppose terrorism in all its forms, particularly those aimed at preventing the participation of all in the discussion and solution of the problems of all
  • Justice as universal peace value. To respect and valuate International Law, conceived to represent the interests of all peoples of the world and not at the service of the most powerful

The economic dimension in fields like:

  • The struggle against the attempt to transfer to the rural and urban workers the costs of the crisis generated by the speculative activities of financial capital
  • The need to imagine and construct new economies based on harmonious relations of human beings among themselves and with their natural environment, which have the aim to allow us to be prosperous in order to be good
  • The promotion of the integration of the peoples and their States for the construction of solidary regional economies, linked by ties of mutual benefit that ensure common prosperity.
  • Integration and solidarity in Latin America and the Caribbean. CELAC, ALBA, UNASUR, CARICOM, MERCOSUR as central points of a new America. Possibilities and dangers threatening them.

Each one of these fields and thematic lines, as one may see, can and must be the object of multiple punctual initiatives of development. They will all be welcome.

The work of the Conference will be carried out in commissions and plenary, and comprises in addition the celebration of a Youth Forum, a UNESCO symposium «For a Culture of Nature», a workshop on the patriots and thinkers of Our America and a round table In Defense of Humankind.


The Second International Conference With all and for the Good of All, to be held on the occasion of a new birth anniversary of the Apostle of the Independence of Cuba, will also include a Round Table dedicated to discuss the validity of important works of thought by José Martí such as the essay «Nuestra América» (Our America) and the speeches «Con todos y para el bien de todos» (With All and for the Good of All) and «Los Pinos Nuevos» (The New Pine Trees).


The work languages are Spanish, English and Portuguese.


The forms of participation are: participant and/or lecturer.


The outcome of the debates, as well as the different conferences and presentations will be recorded in digital Memories that, once edited, will be sent – with the support of UNESCO national commissions – to universities, libraries, non-governmental organizations, ministries of education and associations of writers and artists from the different countries. With those purposes, the participants who will dictate conferences are requested to bring a digitalized copy of their conference for the Organizing Committee.


The Second International Conference With All and for the Good of All intends to contribute to create thoughts and actions that allow facing the multiple and complex problems of the 21st century.


We call upon all progressive intellectuals in the world, educators, artists, writers and journalists; all social workers, union leaders, leaders of political parties, of youth, feminine, peasant, native and professional  organizations, and upon non-governmental organizations moved by principles of justice and equity; upon universities and other educational, scientific, religious and cultural institutions; upon governments made up by persons of good will, to disseminate the information and this meeting convoked in the spirit of the thought of José Martí.



Registration Fees

Delegates 120.00 CUC
Students 70.00   CUC (show evidence)
Accompanying persons 50.00   CUC



Payment may be made online through the event’s official website or directly on arrival at the Palace of Conventions, at the moment of registration.


In order to be included in the Program, the participants who will lecture must register their work at the Organizing Committee’s bureau before November 30, 2015, mentioning the title, information about the author and an abstract of no more than 100 words in Arial 12, specifying what audiovisual facilities are required for the presentation. It is not certain that the abstracts received by the Organizing Committee after this date will be included in the program of the event.

INTERNATIONAL SALES DEPARTMENT, belonging to the Havana International Conference Center, offers a special package for the event, which includes the follows: lodging at ¨Palco¨ 4* and Hotel Venue, registration fee and accreditation to the event, transfer in-out, and other official activities of the event, as well as personalized attendance. Those interested may contact to: Idania Vega, BA. Commercial Specialist, Phone: (537) 208 4398, E-mail:, Website:


For additional information and in order to establish contact with the Organizing Committee of the event, it is possible to communicate directly through the e-mails ; y; and also by telefax numbers (537) 833 9818 y/o (537) 836 4756; and telephone numbers (537) 838 2233 / 838 2297 / 838 2298. Or directly at the venue of the Organizing Committee in Calle Calzada No. 803, entre 2 y 4, Vedado, Havana, Cuba. Postal Code 10400.


You may also consult the website


Lic. Mireya Mesa Tamargo, Professional Congress Organizer, may also be contacted at: P.O. Box 16046, Havana, Cuba. Telephones (537) 2086176 / 2026011 al 19, ext. 1512, e-mail or Lic. Idania Vega Hernández, Commercial Specialist, Phone: (537) 208 4398, E-mail:, Website: Also you can directly deal with Mr. Nelson Ramos Mesa, by phone: (537) 206 9808/206 9809 and by e-mail: . Also, please contact Ms. Anabel Valderas Ricardo, Public Relations Specialist of Amistur Cuba SA, by mail . / Phone: (537) 830 1220, ext. 101 and / or Web:


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