III International Congress of Caribbean Studies. Santa Marta, Colombia. August 4-6 2014

“Political Sistems, International Relations and Identities”



The Institute of Caribbean Studies and the M.A in Caribbean Studies, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, campus: sede Caribe (San Andrés Island), Universidad del Norte (Barranquilla) and Universidad del Magdalena (Santa Marta) invite researchers from different fields to participate in the Third International Congress of Caribbean Studies, in Santa Marta (Colombia), August 4-6 2014. Researchers can either read a paper or present their research in progress. This congress is proposed as a contribution to the complex process of understanding the past, present and future of the Caribbean region.


This congress counts with the support of Cátedra Internacional Conjunta Sobre Estudios del Caribe “Juan Bosch”, it is in association with  Agencia Cultural del Banco de la República from Santa Marta and  Fundación Compromisos.


The central topic for this congress is “political systems, international relations and Caribbean identities”.


In times of globalization, in which the State nations deal with a deep crisis, and in a moment when many Caribbean territories are still linked, in a way or another, to old imperial political systems, it is very appropriate to create an academic discussion about the conformation of the political systems in  the Caribbean nations. This is not only because these countries coexist in a very diverse way, but also because in many forms these systems determine the political, economic and social relations existing among them.


This topic might then become a reason for different scholars to examine how the international relations of each territory and its particular identities play a central role in the way they are configured, and integrated as a region. As a response to this academic topic, this congress looks forward contributing to the discussion about the different links that have been established among these Caribbean territories.


Being the central discussion around the topic “political systems, international relations and Caribbean identities”, it is important to note that topics related to the tradition of Caribbean studies are note excluded. In the same way this congress will be an appropriate place for readings about new perspectives related to the Caribbean intercultural relations, regional studies and environment, narratives, history and historiography.



  • Political Systems in the Caribbean
  • Internacional Relations and Integration
  • History and Historiography
  • Identities, Interculturality and Migration
  • Narratives, Memory and Patrimony
  • Environment and Development






To create a space for an academic discussion and a dialogue that allow scholars to analyze the trends, the multiple approaches, the limitations and the progress of Caribbean studies and do a contribution to solve and understand the topics related to this region.



To analyze the economic, social and cultural repercussions of political systems in the Caribbean, taking into account their current organization as well as the problems they confront.

To reflect on the international conflicts that deal with the context of the nation State and the Caribbean territories.


To discuss about the role of environment in the Caribbean; taking into consideration the new economic circumstances in the world.



This congress will be organized by thematic panels with individual presentations, followed by questions and comments from the audience. It will also have central panels by highly recognized scholars.




In order to participate as a panelist in this congress, panelist must submit their proposal in English or Spanish, to both of the following e-mails congresoestudioscaribenos@gmail.com and





Each proposal must have the following information:

1. Personal Information (name and last name, postal address and e-mail)

2. Professional Information (academic title and institutional association)

3. Title of the paper or presentation, the name of the panel he/she is participating, and an abstract that does not exceed 500 words, the deadline to receive the abstracts is May 31rd, 2014.

4. The final version of your paper will be received fromuntil June 30th, 2014, Word format, 1.5 space, and with a maximum length of 20 pages, including the bibliography. If the panelist final version is not received into the stipulated time the paper will not be included in the congress memoirs.


Registration until May 31rd, 2014:


National Panelists $ 150.000

International Panelists  80 USD

National Participants $ 100.000

International Participants 60 USD


After 31 May 2014

National Panelists $ 200.000

International Panelists  100 USD

National Participants $ 150.000

International Participants 75 USD


General Coordination of the Congress


Dr. Jorge Enrique Elías-Caro, Universidad del Magdalena

Dr. Raúl Román Romero, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, sede Caribe

Dr. Antonino Vidal Ortega, Universidad del Norte


Academic Committee


Dra. Johanie James Cruz, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Dra. Silvia Mantilla Balbuena, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Msc. Yusmidia Solano Suárez, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Dr. José Manuel Espinosa, Universidad del Norte

Dr. Roberto González Arana, Universidad del Norte

Dr. Wilhen Londoño Díaz, Universidad del Magdalena

Dr. Iván Manuel Sánchez Fontalvo, Universidad del Magdalena

Dr. Joaquín Viloria de la Hoz, Banco de la República

Msc. Muriel Vanegas Beltrán, Universidad de Cartagena

Dra. Yudis Contreras Martínez, Universidad de Cartagena


Scientific Committee of the Congress


Dra. Elissa Lister Brugal, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Dr. Juan Marchena Fernández, Universidad Pablo de Olavide (España)

Dra. Elizet Payne, Universidad de Costa Rica (Costa Rica)

Dr. Germán Cardozo Galué. Universidad del Zulia (Venezuela)

Msc. Amaranto Daniels Puello, Universidad de Cartagena (Colombia)

Dr. Christian Cwik, Universidad de Colonia (Alemania)

Dr. Luis Anaya Merchant, Universidad Autónoma de Morelos (México)

Dra. Veronique Benei, C.N.I.C (Francia)

Msc. Luis Céspedes Espinosa, Universidad de la Habana (Cuba)


Information and Registration


Jorge Enrique Elías-caro, Universidad del Magdalena

jelias@unimagdalena.edu.co, joelcar1@hotmail.com


Raúl Román Romero, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Sede Caribe


Participants must deposit their required fee in Banco DAVIVIENDA, Checking account Nº 26606999930-5. The name of the account is Congreso Internacional de Estudios Caribeños and the receipt of the deposit must be scanned and sent to the two e-mails mentioned above.  Payments will be also accepted the first day of the congress.


Research Groups Contributing to the Congress

Nación, región y relaciones internacionales (UNAL)

Estado y sociedad del Caribe (UNAL)

Historia empresarial y desarrollo regional (UNIMAGDALENA)

Arqueología, etnografía e historia (UNIMAGDALENA)

Calidad Educativa en un Mundo Plural (UNIMAGDALENA)

Arqueología, Historia y Estudios Urbanos del Caribe (UNINORTE)

Agenda internacional (UNINORTE)


Financial Support from

Banco de la República, Agencia Cultural Santa Marta

Fundación Compromisos

Asociación de Empresarios del Magdalena (AEM)



Aviatur will be in charge of coordinating and organizing the booking of tickets and hotels.

Please contact:






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